MAGELLAN - Lyon 69 - Since 2014

Engineer development C/C++, Java

Token Server
Development of the Token Server on CentOS 6.5

  • Development in C language
  • Development of the Java servlets

C/C++, Java, Eclipse, PostgreSQL, Bucardo, JSON, SVN, Git, Maven, Virtual Box, CentOS 6.5


THOMSON TVN - Rennes 35 - 2011 / 2013

Engineer development C++ Sapphire Broadcast Server

Maintenance and evolution of Sapphire MPEG Broadcast Server.

  • Development in C++ with Visual Studio 2008 and Qt Creator
  • Development in C++ for Sapphire V2 (Linux Debian platform) : provisioning of video files
  • Analyzes code
  • Maintenance and evolution of Sapphire 5.7 / 5.8

Visual C++, Visual Studio 2008, Qt 4.x


TECHNICOLOR - Rennes 35 - 2009 / 2011

Engineer development Flash / OpenPeak integration

2D / 3D EPG with Flash 10 on an hybrid OpenPeak
Development of a 2D / 3D EPG with Flash 10 on an hybrid OpenPeak.

  • Development in ActionScript 3 and Flash with FlashDevelop
  • Analyzes code
  • SOAP requests
  • XMLFake mode development in order to perform demonstrations outside the SmartVision context
  • The OpenPeak language has been integrated for the EPG
  • EPG Framework development
  • EPG 3D mode development with the PaperVision 3D Framework

Flash, MachBlue 1.2, STB SAGEM, Plateforme IPTV, AS 3, SOAP, Integration, Tests, SVN, DevTracker, PaperVision 3D


THOMSON - Rennes 35 - 8 months - 2009

Engineer development Flash / STB integration

SmartVision Flash Portal 2.0
SFP 2.0 is a Flash application which works on a Set-Top box and using Web Services in order to communicate with the SmartVision Platform 4.0 : IPTV platform.

  • Developement in ActionScript 2 and Flash with Eclipse
    • Analyzes SFP framework code (SmartVision Flash Portal)
    • Development of the Canal Digital evolutions in Flash / ActionScript2
    • MachBlue 1.2 simulator
    • SOAP requests
    • Integration and tests with STB SAGEM
  • Technical documentation and user guide
  • SubVersion, DevTracker

Flash, MachBlue 1.2, STB SAGEM, Plateforme IPTV, AS 2, SOAP, Integration, Tests, SVN, DevTracker


SONEO - Rennes - 6 months - 2008 / 2009

Engineer development Visual FoxPro (Technical assistance)

EdiPA is a management software of herds for the stockbreeders of bovines, milk and meat.
Integration of the management of the batches of animals as well as parameter settings concerning the meat productions (Weighed, growth, aptitudes and performances, card career of the animals).

EdiStock is a management software of stocks of animals and plants (Inventory and valorization).
Integration of the scales of the poultries of flesh, layers and other animals. Development of the interfaces of seizure of stocks and inventories.

  • Development in Visual FoxPro
    • Analyzes code, resumption of existing, development of the new interfaces of seizure user
    • Development of the graphical interfaces and the core of the application in VFP under the IDE Visual FoxPro 8
    • Database SQL Server 2000
      • Creation/modification of tables
      • Realization of SQL requests

Visual FoxPro, SQL Server 2000, SQL


VIACCESS - Rennes - 2 years - 2006 / 2008

Engineer development C/C++

SAS Workstation (Plateau/2 months)
Development of the evolutions of process RCM (SAS) of the GTA as of library DAO of Viaccess within the framework of OMA-BCAST project (Taken into account of the new commercial offers).

  • Development in C/C++
    • Analyzes existing code
    • Development in C/C++ under Eclipse and Tests Unit
    • Management of configuration with SVN
    • Emulation of O.S. and API with VMWare
    • Administration of Oracle 9i
      • Oracle Enterprise Manager
      • Creation of Diagrams, roles
      • Creation of tablespaces Data, Undo, Temp
      • Creation of tables, triggers, sequences, views
      • Realization of SQL requests
      • Creation of stored procedures in PL/SQL
      • SQL LOADER for Oracle

C/C++, Eclipse, Oracle 9i, SVN, VMWare


SAS Workstation (Plateau/2 months)
Resumption of application SAS Workstation (Borland C++ Builder 5) of Viaccess in order to ensure of it evolutions (OMA-BCAST) and maintenance.

  • Developments on Windows O.S.
    • Analyzes existing code
    • Bugs corrections
    • Development in C/C++ of the evolutions under Visual Studio 6.0
  • Management of documentation
  • Development of a DLL RPC under Visual Studio 6.0
  • Management of configuration with SVN
  • Emulation of the O.S. and API with VMWare
  • Administration of Oracle 9i
  • Use of XMLSpy for the generation of the XML tests data

C/C++, Visual Studio 6.0, Builder, Borland, XML, SVN, Windows XP/2000, XMLSpy, VMWare, Oracle 9i


OPUS (Forfait/1 year)
Development of the evolutions, then remodelling of application OPUS charged to make an interface enters a management system commercial (SGC or SMS) of an operator, and the manager of titles of VIACCESS access: the SAS export.

  • Drafting of the technical specifications
  • Developments in C/C++ carried out under Windows XP
    • Analyzes existing code
    • Developments carried out in C/C++ and Java (SWING, JNI) under Eclipse
  • Administration of Oracle 9i
  • UML Modeling with Visual Paradigm
  • Installation and administration of the management tools of configuration (Subversion) and bugs (Mantis)
  • Bugs correction
  • Management of documentation

C/C++, Windows XP, Oracle 9i, Eclipse, SVN, Mantis, VMWare, specifications writing, JAVA (SWING, JNI), Visual Paradigm


HAL3 (Forfait/2 months)
Control activity reports, indicators of the project as well as planning under the responsibility of Project manager HAL3.


MS Project


Engineer development C# .Net and ASP.Net (Forfait/3 months)
Remodelling of the Assistance application in C#.Net and ASP.Net allowing the technical management of platforms of numerical diffusion as well as the traceability of the customers interventions.

  • Developments in C#.Net and ASP.Net carried out under Windows
    • Analyzes existing code, audits
    • Remodelling of the existing application in Borland C++ Builder towards a web interface in ASP.Net with Visual Studio 2005
  • Migration of Oracle 7i towards SQL Server 2005 with Kettle
  • Management of the user's documentation
  • Management of configuration with SVN

C#.Net, ASP .Net, Visual Studio 2005, SVN, Oracle 7i, SQL Server 2005, Kettle


AES Chemunex - 6 months - 2005 / 2006

Engineer development C/C++ (Forfait LabMasterCT)

Development in C/C++ of the evolutions of the LabMasterCT software allowing the management of microbiological tests in a cosmetic laboratory.

  • Developments in C/C++ carried out under Windows
    • Analyzes code, resumption of what exists
    • Developments in C++ with Visual Studio 6.0 (MFC)
  • Modification and creation of tables, Triggers and stored procedures with SQL Server 2000
  • Management of the documentation of software design

C++, Visual Studio 6.0, SQL Server 2000, MFC, UML, Windows


AES Chemunex - Bruz - 9 months - 2005

Engineer development C# .NET and C/C++

Development in C# .NET of the evolutions of the software Labguard 2 and the corrections of existing bugs.

  • Development in C# .Net of theLG2_ToolKit software:
    • Configuration and interrogation of the transmitters Labguard 2
    • Export of the configurations of the transmitters carried out in PostgreSQL database
  • Emulation via Cygwin of the PostgreSQL database
  • UML modeling with Objecteering
  • Developments in C# with Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Management of configuration with Visual Source Safe

Development in C/C++ with Visual Studio 6.0 of the module of acquisition of the data Labguard 1 developed initially under LabWindows. Use of the multi-threading with the Producing/Consuming model.

Development in C/C++ of the software Driver allowing the communication with modules of acquisition of Coronis temperature via a connection series by respecting the communication protocol radio operator Coronis.

Project carried out with the fixed price :

  • Resumption of the existing code and development in C/C++ of the driver LabGuard 1
  • Audit, begun again existing code. Bearing of the code developed under Labwindows/CVI towards a project Visual Studio 6.0 (MFC)

C# .Net, C/C++, Visual Studio 6.0/2003, MFC, UML, Windows, Cygwin, PostgreSQL, Visual Source Safe, UML modeling, Objecteering, Together


CEREP - Celle L'Evescaut - 2 years - 2003 / 2005

Engineer development C# .NET and C/C++

Optimization and maintenance of the whole of the applications relating to the access made safe to the results of the CEREP customers (Data On Line developed in ASP on a Windows Server) platform.

  • Development in C# .Net with Visual Studio 2003 of an IHM of access to the data customers for the “customer support”:
    • SQL requests and creation of stored procedures in PL/SQL with SQL Server 2000
  • Use of Flash technologies, and ActionScript to finalize the unit
  • Development of a DLL ISAPI (C/C++ with Visual Studio 6.0) allowing the presentation of the results in XML format
  • Management of configuration under Visual Source Safe

Development in JAVA under Eclipse of an application of daily remote loading of the Bioprint results via a protected SSL tunnel.

  • Java developments on Linux RedHat platform under Eclipse
  • UML modeling carried out on the whole of the projects carried out with Together
  • Management of configuration under Visual Source Safe

Development of the Bioprint application in Java/J2EE in Linux RedHat environment (Oracle 6 database).

  • Drafting of the functional and technical specifications
  • Analyzes and design object UML :
    • Activity charts, diagrams of case of use, diagrams of classes, diagrams of sequences
  • Development in Java/J2EE of the JSP pages of the web application with Apache Tomcat
  • Management of a pool of connections to a Oracle 6 Database via its JDBC driver
  • Creation of the servlets via Eclipse

C# .Net, C/C++, Visual Studio 6.0/2003, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 6, Windows, JSP, JDBC, servlets, Eclipse, UML, Tomcat, Visual SourceSafe, Linux RedHat, Together, MFC, ASP, Flash MX, ActionScript, JAVA, J2EE


Alcatel CIT - Rennes - 6 months - 2002

Engineer Training course

Development and integration of the vocal checking of the speaker on OSP-ME platform

  • Specifications, design Object (UML with Together and Objecteering) and development of the service of vocal checking using the application Nuance (C++ in the Solaris) environment. Drafting of the technical documents and users
  • Management of the Clearcase configuration

C++, Clearcase, SUN Solaris, Nuance, UML, Objecteering, Together